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How do I know if my article is SEO-friendly?

Hey! Do you provide content for a website or writing for your site? Are you sure the content you create is SEO-friendly? It is crucial to create content that is more informative and searchable for the users. What type of content is called SEO-friendly content, and how is it helpful? So many questions, isn’t it? Well, relax! Continue reading this article that will solve all your queries affiliated with search engine optimization-friendly articles and how it is imperative in digital marketing services.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of designing and optimizing a website in a way that it earns high traffic or clicks on the site through organic, free, natural, and editorial ways. When somebody types some keywords on a browser search bar and press enter, a specific series of results appear on the screen. How does it happen and what is responsible for it? The answer to it is SEO.

How does SEO impact traffic on a website?

Google search engine works on a specific algorithm that keeps changing at a speed of 9 changes per day. It routs on the related websites considering the keywords and eventually provides the best results. Thus, it is not possible to understand that algorithm, but content can be created using SEO-friendly tactics with the help of professional SEO services companies.

What is SEO-friendly content?

SEO-friendly writing means your article is capable enough to provide qualitative and informative content, simultaneously using specific keywords and phrases to help Google search engine rate your website considering the keywords and your content. If your article is well organized and is written keeping in mind the SEO strategies, it will automatically appear on the top results, giving you high traffic and RTO (return on investment) as well as CTA (call to action).

How will Google rank my website if it is SEO-friendly?

A website has to go through three stages before it appears on the result page. You can pass them using search engine optimization services.

  1. Crawling

  2. Indexing

  3. Ranking

Google has artificial bots that it uses to crawl the websites available on the internet, that’s how it discovers a website. Based on the crawling, Google will index your website if it believes it has met the minimum criteria and is following SEO. Eventually, it compares your website with other websites available on the same topic and subsequently ranks it. The ranking on your website decides what should appear on the results page.

How do I know if my website is SEO-friendly?

You must have got to know about what SEO is and what it requires to create SEO-friendly content. Nonetheless, you can check whether your article is meeting the basic criteria of SEO or not by running an SEO audit. Now, check your page speed and analyze the search console dashboard of your website. Don’t forget to use certain keywords when you create content.

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