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How to pin a comment on Instagram?

Instagram is an online social media platform that is very much popular all across the world is used by billion of people all around the world. People use Instagram to connect with each other by following each other and also chatting with them in the DM and people can also post their photos and videos on their profile along with sharing stories too. All these features make Instagram one of the best sites to use and one such feature is to comment pin on Instagram which means to pin the comments on the post shared by you.

In this blog, we will be telling you the exact procedure which you need to use to pin the comment on your post. However, this procedure is not very much difficult or complicated but there are still many people who do not know how to do so which is why this article is for such people.

Steps to follow to pin the comment which you want to –

  1. For the initial step, the users need to launch the app of Instagram to move ahead.

  2. And once you are on the login page of Instagram you have to fill in the login details of your account so that you can access your account which means by filling in username and password.

  3. Now once you are on the home page you have to go to the post on which you want to pin a comment.

  4. After you are on the post navigate the comment which you want to pin and once you select it an option will pop up to pin the comment and you simply need to click on it.

  5. Your comment is pinned now and you can also go for Battersea web experts to solve your technical problems as they are experts in this.

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