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What is Video SEO?

These days many people are wondering what is Video SEO so, here we are to give you a complete guide about Video SEO and how can you use this thing for your videos?

Video Search Engine Optimization or Video SEO is used to optimize your videos and for them to be placed on search engine result pages. With Video SEO, your videos will be located by people very easily as they will be indexed on the search result pages. It is the same as other SEO required when writing blogs and other internet articles. Video SEO services help in increasing the ranks of your videos and then they will attract more traffic.

Why is Video SEO important?

Now, before we look at how you can use it, it is important to know why is video SEO important. Video SEO is very important for the wider success of your videos. Videos with more and good SEO have more time on the website and Google and other famous search engines. This allows you to establish trust.

How can you use Video SEO?

This Video SEO checklist provided by us will tell you how you can successfully use it for your videos.

  1. Choose the correct Platform for your video Selecting the correct platform for your videos is very important. So, always pick a famous platform like YouTube or Vimeo.

  2. Add a transcript You should always add Transcripts or captions as they attract even foreign audiences.

  3. Choose the correct thumbnail Thumbnails are a must when uploading your video. Choose a very good thumbnail that is engaging and stunning.

  4. Create a unique and thoughtful tile and description The title and the description of the video should always be concrete and unique which gives information about the content.

  5. Use the traditional SEO You should never forget about the traditional SEOs which help in elevating the ranking of your video.

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