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Why a mobile-friendly website is important?

What do you do when you need to collect information about anything? Would you open your computer and start browsing? Or just take out your phone and begin searching? Later sounds more convincing, right? Likewise, think about promoting your brand using a mobile-friendly website.

It is imperative to have a mobile-friendly website for all the companies who aim to expand their business. Continue reading this article to know how you would rather have a mobile desktop-friendly website and tips to design it.

Why is a mobile-friendly website crucial to expand your business?

As per recent studies, people spend around seven hours on average using their phones. Before 2019, it was around five hours on average but since the covid-19 outbreak has caused everything to get online, the number is increasing frequently. Consequently, it has become vitally important to design your website according to the mobile desktop to make it more accessible to common audiences and thereby let your company outshine as an internet marketing agency.

Here is the list of mobile-friendly website benefits and how they help you amplify the success of your business.

1. People are more habitual of using Mobiles

More than 57% of web traffic is done through mobile devices. You need to optimize your website according to the mobile desktop because more of your customers are used to surfing through the internet using a mobile.

2. Higher Pageviews and Lower bounce rates

If your website has a feature-rich and easy-to-use interface including fast results without any need to zoom, visitors would route through your website to know more about your business, thus lessening the bounce rate.

However, customers are more likely to use one website at one time on mobiles, thus the bounce rate goes down if you have managed to engage the visitors.

3. Search Engines Highly Evaluate Mobile-friendly websites

Google provided a mobile-first Index to both mobile and desktop searches in November 2016. Thus, a website needs to be optimized for mobiles also, otherwise, it will not be ranked high and appear on on-page results.

4. Attracts More Users

Make sure your website is easily adaptable to small screens of mobiles and fascinates users with straightforward results. You can use digital marketing services to design your website considering more than 57% mobile users.

5. Reach Wider Audience

It enables you to approach a wider audience with a high rank if it is designed considering mobile users. The more visually appealing and enjoyable your website proves to be, the more it will earn visitors.

6. Loads Quickly

Mobile-friendly websites do not usually take much time to load and show up results to the visitors. If somehow, your website is stuck and fails to load within 3-4 seconds, the visitors will leave your page and therefore switch on another. Thus, your website needs to load quickly to engage people.

7. Easy to Connect Customers and the Company

Contact details appear on the screen along with the content. Henceforth, users can easily contact you by clicking either on the email or the mobile number.

Additionally, top companies ensure to provide a mobile-friendly website to their users. Then why don’t you try it? Be competitive by following the fabulous web solutions given in this article!

What are the three factors that a website needs to achieve?

All mobile-friendly websites need to ensure three factors: they should be Interactive, fast loading and have visual instability. In the digital marketing world, content is known as the King! If you have engaging content that serves the purpose of every visit, your website will be at its peak.

Here are the measures of all three factors on your website-

  1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

  2. First Input Delay (FID)

  3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Google’s new update about Core web vitals has been launched lately in May 2021, which measures how long it takes to acquire the above-mentioned three factors on a website.

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